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An amazing collection of weapons, blades, and africa art from the collection of the late James Schmidt, Master Blacksmith (1940 - 2000).

Born in Schenectady, New York, James Schmidt grew up with an interest in knife- making. While living in Charlton, New York, James began making highly sought after knives until his untimely demise in July, 2000. In a tribute to the late James Schmidt, Steve Shackleford, Blade Magazine's editor, said "a peerless bladesmith, artisan of knives. A teacher of life and knew how to live it, how to interact with others, to be a friend when a friend was needed, to be a critic when a critic was needed."

James was one of the first 6 knife makers ever to be designated a Master Bladesmith. James was inducted in the American Bladesmith Society Hall of Fame August 13, 2011. His legendary knives can be seen in "The Great Collections: Modern Custom Knives” by David Darom as well as numerous other publications. A magnificent new coffee table book," James A. Schmidt The Great Master" was recently published too, featuring the beautiful knives he made.

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