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Idiok Mask - Ibibio People, Nigeria (LS6)

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Title: Idiok Mask

Material: Wood

People: Ibibio

Country: Nigeria

Description: Living west of the Cross River, the
Ibibio have no centralized government and are
divided into a number of sub-groups such as
the Anang & the Oron. Secret societies rule over
daily life and ancestor worship is universally
practiced. Their principal society is Ekpo (literally
"dead ancestor") and plays a political, legislative,
judiciary and religious role in the village. It is a
graded association in charge of the ancestor cult
and includes this mask type, the Idiok, which
evokes wandering spirits. The wearer personifies
the spirits who have momentarily returned to the
world of the living. They have a dangerous character
& their authoritarian nature invests them with an
immunity, that allows the dancers to confront anyone.

Ex. James Schmidt Collection

Dimensions: 11 1/2" height x 9 1/2" width x 6" depth

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