Yoruba Beaded Crown, #5, Nigeria - SOLD
Yoruba Beaded Crown, #5, Nigeria - SOLD
Yoruba Beaded Crown, #5, Nigeria - SOLD 1
Yoruba Beaded Crown, #5, Nigeria - SOLD 2
Yoruba Beaded Crown, #5, Nigeria - SOLD 3

Yoruba Beaded Crown, #5, Nigeria - SOLD

sold for 495.00
Dimensions: 33.5" high by 10" diameter, No Stand Title: Crown Material: Glass beads, palm rib armature & cloth People: Yoruba Country: Nigeria Beaded crowns were reserved for the Yoruba kings. The birds represent the kingís communication with the gods through magical flight. Medicines to protect the kingís head and personal destiny were sometimes placed inside the top of the crowns. Some crowns feature anthropomorphic faces to represent Oduduwa, the first king and founder of the Yoruba to express supernatural power. The faces also symbolize the omnipresence of the King and his awareness of everything. The beaded veil shields the face of the king from the people who are not to look directly at his head because of the divine power he embodies. Different color beads represent different Gods. Red represents Shango, God of Thunder and a great warrior. Blue, yellow and maroon represent the three river Goddesses of the Yoruba. White represents Orisha or the supreme being and creator of mankind. White symbolizes purity while black represents Eshu the messenger of the Gods. Ex Joseph and Sophie Rogers collection.
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