Warthog Mask - Ligbi, Ivory Coast (JL54)
Warthog Mask - Ligbi, Ivory Coast (JL54)
Warthog Mask - Ligbi, Ivory Coast (JL54) 1

Warthog Mask - Ligbi, Ivory Coast (JL54)

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From the Bondoukou Region of the Ivory Coast, this mask represents a warthog known as 'leu'. In the past, Do performances possessed religious significance but today they are considered primarily entertainment, staged to celebrate special occasions. Since most of the peoples who maintain the tradition are Muslim, masquerades are held during festivals marking the end of Ramadan, the month of fasting.

The word 'Do' means secrecy or something that is hidden. Do masquerades are also organized for weddings and funerals. Do performances may best be described as theatre because they are similarly structured to a play. The warthog, stalked by a hunter, and in this reenactment of the hunt, the hunter shoots his gun but misses his target and the warthog proceeds to attack the hunter and prevails.

Dimensions: 21 1/2" H x 7 1/2" W x 4 1/4" D

Ex. Phil Lobred Collection

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