Vavra's Vision - Equine Images - by Robert Vavra - SIGNED! (Hardcover).

Vavra's Vision - Equine Images - by Robert Vavra - SIGNED! (Hardcover).

Robert Vavra is the world's most renowned photographer of horses. His life is closely interwoven with his love of these noble creatures, and that passion emanates from each of his photographs. This spectacular volume pays homage to Vavra's unbridled love of equine majesty. In addition to his most famous photographs, Vavra's Vision includes a plethora of previously unpublished imagery that will evoke a sense of awe in any lover of animals or photography.

* More than 350 photographs.
* The best photographs from a long 60 year career.
* A wealth of unpublished photos finally revealed.

The book was personalized to us, Ian and Julie Allen.

Robert Vavra's equine photography is almost legend among horse enthusiasts. The pages in this book are replicas of handmade Mexican bark.

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