Vanishing Cultures of South Africa - by Peter Magubane

Vanishing Cultures of South Africa - by Peter Magubane

New hardcover, featuring a foreword by Nelson Mandela, a vivid survey chronicles the history, organization, and culture of South Africa's San, Zulu, Ndebele, Sotho, and other tribes through text and 250 color photographs.

In Vanishing Cultures, Magubane documents the customs and traditional beliefs of ten indigenous peoples in his homeland of South Africa. A separate chapter is devoted to each of the peoples, including the Zulus and less well known cultures. Blending a thoughtful description of rituals, religion, artistry, and other aspects of social life, along with an exquisite photoessay, Magubane offers a wonderful introduction to these people. His photographs range from the dramatic action of dances to the quiet dignity of individuals posing in their traditional dress.

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