The Art of Southeast Africa by Karel Nel

The Art of Southeast Africa by Karel Nel

Hardcover, plain boards with illustrated DJ, 12' x 9.75", 223 pages, approx 43 pages of text. 113 items in color, 1 map, 20 small black & white objects, All 113 objects repeated in in 3" x 3' b/w photos with concise descriptions. Contributions by Karel Nel, Sandra Klopper and Kevin Conru. Photographs by Heini Schneebeh. Published by 5 Continents 2002.

Those familiar with the books published by 5 Continents won't be surprised by the quality of the presentation, paper, binding and photography. Also pleasing is the lovely selection of objects representing this fascinating region of Africa. Art works are featured from the Zulu, Nguni, Tswana, Tsongo, Sotho, and Thembu Peoples. Catalogue items include staffs, neckrests, spoons, snuff containers, panels, ornaments, combs, pipes, knobkerries, containers, spears, and dolls.
South and east African tribal art remains over-looked and neglected. The source of distinctiveness for the artefacts of the southern African region lies in the pastoral and specifically nomadic nature of the cattle culture shared by the majority of the peoples in the region. The functional beauty of the objects and their small size are linked to the necessary ease to take them along as the need to move.

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