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Shango Dance Wand - Yoruba People, Nigeria - Sold

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Title: Dance Wand

Material: Wood and natural blue pigment

People: Shango

Country: Nigeria

Description: Carried during Shango cult ceremony,
the top of the wand with symmetrical triangular
forms, symbolizing thunder bolts, and four
sculptural faces at base, each bearing domed
headdress, large rimmed eyes, and facial
scarification. The handle carved with ribbing and
zig-zag registers and grooves along disc base.
One side of wand including two faces are smooth
from rubbing against bearer. Traces of blue pigment.

Provenance: Acquired from private midwest collection.
Collected by Leo Frobenius, the famous German
anthropologist, who discovered the Yoruba.

Included is a custom-built metal stand.

Wand dimensions: 15" height x 2 1/2" width x 2" depth
Stand dimensions: 1/4" height x 3 1/2" width x 3 1/2" depth
Wand with stand dimensions: 15 1/4" height x 3 1/2" width x 3 1/2" depth

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