'Mporro Engorio
'Mporro Engorio
'Mporro Engorio
'Mporro Engorio

'Mporro Engorio" Necklace/Collar - Kenya (DN30) - ask for availability

Title: Necklace/Collar - 'mporro engorio"
Material: Palm fiber, leather, glass beads, android ochre.
People: Smaburu
Country: Kenya
Description: These beaded collars were traditionally given to Samburu women upon marriage. When elephants were plentiful in the northern desert areas of Kenya, these collars were made of elephant hair instead of palm fibers. Beads communicate social status for both Samburu women & men. A Samburu warrior describes a beautiful girl as someone who has beaded necklaces all the way up to her chin. Since most girls get married at the age of fourteen to sixteen, they start collecting necklaces at the age of 7-8. And by the age of marriage they have a substantial collection.
Collected in Kenya in 1965
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