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'Dagalo' Chair - Lobi people, Burkina Faso


Price: $1,800.00

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Title: 'Dagalo' Chair

Material: Wood

People: Lobi

Country: Burkina Faso

Description: Among the Lobi, such large chairs, as
well as other personal property, become intimately
associated with the spirit of the owner. Carved from
a single piece of wood, all of the the 3 legged
reclining chairs are used exclusively by men. They
were intended for lounging in the evening when the
sun is low in the sky and the air cool. Chairs from
this region vary in size and style, typically with
decorated with geometric patterns on the backside
As a modern piece, this low-to-the-ground chair is
perfect for lounging, placing blankets upon and makes
for a great statement piece!

Dimensions: 45" length (from bottom to top) x 27" height (from floor to top) x 9 1/2" width

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