Light Mud Cloth panel - Mali

Light Mud Cloth panel - Mali

Beautifully and intricately decorated. Mudcloth is made up of narrow handspun yarn. Both men and women dye & decorate the cloth.
The cloth is dyed yellow by dipping it into an extract of leaves. The outline of the design is then applied using a dark mud from a dried-up pond. After drying, the cloth is dipped in water to wash off the mud. This time- consuming process is repeated several times, after which they are soaked in a caustic soda bath to bleach out and whiten the yellow areas that have not been painted in mud.
In effect, the mud dye is not the design; rather, it establishes the negative space around the areas of white design. The design elements are drawn from a variety of sources: plants, animals, proverbs & historical events.
Dry clean ONLY and avoid direct sunlight.

79" x 48"

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