Kuba Cloth (#160) - D.R. Congo
Kuba Cloth (#160) - D.R. Congo
Kuba Cloth (#160) - D.R. Congo 1
Kuba Cloth (#160) - D.R. Congo 2

Kuba Cloth (#160) - D.R. Congo

Material: Raffia

People: Kuba (sub-groups; Lele & Shoowa)

Description: Kuba textiles are delicately made from raffia fibers which are peeled from the leaves of the raffia palm tree. These fibers are woven together using a method> known as "cut-pile," a technique in which the ends of the raffia embroidery threads are cut very short & close to the surface, producing a soft texture similar to velvet. Not only a fabric, these textiles also represent wealth, in that they are the only cloth to be traded in the form of currency for various goods and services:
100 cloths = bride payment to parents
100 cloths = adultery fine
10 cloths = 1 axe
20 cloths = delivery of each child

Dimensions: 22" height x 28" width

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