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Ethiopian Coptic Triptych 18th-19th Century. The origins of the Ethiopian Coptic Church, which are Semetic and Christian, date as far back as the 4th century A.D. ICONS: Holy images painted on wood in diptych and triptych form were meant for personal devotion. The outer surfaces were decorated with abstract relief carvings.

8"H x 5.25" w x .5"D NOTE: measurements are with panels shut.
Had been on display in the Seattle Art Museum and was originally acquired 6 decades ago.

ex. Al J. Venter and ex. Dr. Richard Pankhurst. Here is a link with more information about Dr. Pankhurst
Al J. Venter is a specialist military writer who has had over fifty books published and has produced more than a hundred documentary films. With all his travels, experiences and adventures, he is an interesting fellow. I met Al back in Africa through his nephew when I was a teenager.
He worked for decades as a journalist and foreign correspondent writing for such prestigious organizations as NBC, BBC, London Daily Express and the Sunday Express.

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