Beneath a Zimbabwe sun Hardcover  by Beverley Whyte

Beneath a Zimbabwe sun Hardcover by Beverley Whyte

Dust jacket notes: "The Zimbabwean countryside has many moods, an infinite variety of faces. In striking contradiction of the image held by many who have not visited the land between the Limpopo and Zambezi Rivers, Zimbabwe is not a vast expanse of near-emptiness, of unrelieved sun-brown bush, of dust and burning skies. The dust and heat are there, some of the time and in some parts. But so are the gracious lakes, the fresh woods and pastures, the cool streams and high mountain peaks. Zimbabwe's enchantment is heightened by magnificent wildlife. Its concentration of elephant is one of the greatest in the world and the many game reserves and national parks abound with a breath-taking variety of animals. Kingly lion, glowering rhino, mountainous hippo, comical warthog, graceful giraffe, hyena, buffalo, wildebeest, zebra, leopard - they are all there, and in their natural habitat. The country's sun-washed wonders are complemented by the design and spread of its towns and cities. Herein lies Zimbabwe's spellbinding effect of contrasts: the timeless, savage grandeur of Africa is at hand within minutes of leaving any of its sophisticated cities of sleek skyscrapers and urban bustle. Beneath a Zimbabwe Sun shows this diversity in a uniquely evocative way. It reveals the spendour, the beauty and the freshness of a country still unspoiled, the true nature of a relatively unknown part of Africa." Hardcover, 9.75 x 13.5 inches, 136 pages, 239 full color photographs.
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