African Arts Magazine - Winter1997

African Arts Magazine - Winter1997


Cast, Miscast: The Curator's Dilemma (pp. 1+4+6+8-9+93) Sidney Littlefield Kasfir
Exhibiting Africa: Curatorial Attitudes and the Politics of Representation in "Seven Stories about Modern Art in Africa" (pp. 10+12+83-84) Sylvester Okwunodu Ogbechie
The Life and Art of Stephen Kappata (pp. 20-31+93-94) Hugh Macmillan
Akinjobi of Oke-Odan: An Egbado Yoruba Carver (pp. 32-39+94) T. J. H. Chappel
Bogolanfini in Bamako: The Biography of a Malian Textile (pp. 40-51+94-96) Victoria Rovine (an article on mud cloth)
Plus many book, film and exhibit reviews etc....

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