African Arts Magazine -Winter 1999

African Arts Magazine -Winter 1999


Communiqué from Afro-Atlantis (pp. 1+4+6+8) Robert Farris Thompson
Authorship in Yoruba Art (pp. 10+90) Deborah Stokes
African Art at the Art Institute of Chicago (pp. 18-35+93) Kathleen Bickford Berzock
Native to Native the Sculpture of Ousmane Sow (pp. 36-49+93) Salah M. Hassan
Bushman(ia) and Photographic Intervention (pp. 50-59+93-94) Rory Bester and Barbara Buntman
Eternal Potential Chromolithographs in Vodunland (pp. 60-75+94-96) Dana Rush
Max Esser's "Bakundu Fetishes" (pp. 76-80+96) Ute M. Röschenthaler
Plus many book, film and exhibit reviews etc....

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