African Arts Magazine -Spring 2001

African Arts Magazine -Spring 2001


Assigning Identity: Cosentino's "Hip-Hop Assemblage: The Chris Ofili Affair" (p. 9) Sidney Kasfir
Africanizing Chris Ofili? (pp. 9-10) Nancy Hynes
A Personal Journey: Central African Art from the Lawrence Gussman Collection (pp. 16-35+93) Christa Clarke
"Break the Silence": Art and HIV/AIDS in KwaZulu-Natal (pp. 36-49+93-95) Allen F. Roberts
George Hughes (pp. 50-57) Doron H. Ross
Inside, outside, and inside out: Masks, Rulers, and Gender among the D and Their Neighbors (pp. 58-71+95-96) Jean-Claude Muller
Smon Puppet Masquerades in Kirango, Mali (pp. 72-77) Susan Vogel and Mary Jo Arnoldi
The Ile Nla: A Colonial Town Hall in Ile-Ife, Nigeria (pp. 78-82+96) Cordelia O. Osasona
Plus many book, film and exhibit reviews etc....

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