African Arts Magazine - January 1991

African Arts Magazine - January 1991


In Memoriam: James de Vere Allen 1936-1990 (pp. 8+100) Thomas H. Wilson and Nancy Ingram Nooter
"Social Control" and the Elephants We Scholars Make (pp. 10+12+14+16+18) Patrick R. McNaughton
Resolved: To Act for Africa's Historical and Cultural Patrimony (pp. 18+20+22+89) Roderick J. McIntosh
The Trade in West African Art (pp. 38-43+100-101) Christopher B. Steiner
King Glele of Danhomè Part Two: Dynasty and Destiny (pp. 44-55+101-103) Suzanne Preston Blier
Art as Information: The African Portfolios of Charles Sheeler and Walker Evans (pp. 56-63+103-104) Virginia-Lee Webb
Zulu Bead Sculptors (pp. 64-76+104) Eleanor Preston-Whyte
The Ikere Palace Veranda Posts by Olowe of Ise (pp. 77-78+104) Roslyn Adele Walker
Plus many book, film and exhibit reviews etc....

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