African Arts Magazine - April 1992

African Arts Magazine - April 1992


In Memoriam: Jean Kennedy, September 22, 1919-November 30, 1991 (pp. 38+96) Janet L. Stanley
African Art and Authenticity: A Text with a Shadow (pp. 40-53+96-97) Sidney Littlefield Kasfir
Chance Encounters, Ironic Collage (pp. 54-63+97-98) Allen F. Roberts
The Beaded Bands of Bafodea (pp. 64-75+98-99) Simon Ottenberg
From Mande Komo to Jukun Akuma: Approaching the Difficult Question of History (pp. 76-85+99-100) Patrick R. McNaughton
Plus many book, film and exhibit reviews etc....

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