African Arts Magazine - April 1990

African Arts Magazine - April 1990


On the Review of "TDR, The Drama Review" (pp. 30+33) Allen F. Roberts and Patrick R. McNaughton
Androcentrism in "Foreheads of the Dead" (pp. 33-34) M. Catherine Daly
Corrigendum: The Kiti Cha Enzi and Other Swahili Chairs (p. 34) Roger A. Lloyd
Tabwa Masks: An Old Trick of the Human Race (pp. 36-47+101-103) Allen F. Roberts
Ancient Wood Figures from Sierra Leone: Implications for Historical Reconstruction (pp. 48-59+103) Frederick Lamp
Recollections of Haiti in the 1930s and '40s (pp. 60-70) Harold Courlander
Plus many book, film and exhibit reviews etc....

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