Tuareg Backrest (0153)
Tuareg Backrest (0153)
Tuareg Backrest (0153) 1
Tuareg Backrest (0153) 2

Tuareg Backrest (0153)

Most Tuareg live in tents made of goat skins or palm fiber mats. When a woman marries, her family makes a tent for her. The tent belongs exclusively to her. She is solely responsible for its care and upkeep. In fact, men are considered guests in their wives' homes. How often a nomadic Tuareg family moves depends on the weather, season and quality of pasture. It takes about 2 hours to pack up an entire household. A Tuareg family sets their table with one bowl and many spoons to share the large common bowl. Beautifully hand-crafted leather shades are used to keep the harsh sunlight and heat from penetrating

Dimensions: 33 1/2" H x 6 1/2" W
Dimensions of Stand: 6" L x 6" W their tents.

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