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Men's Stool - Tonga People, Zimbabwe (#0137)

Price: $295.00

Title: Men's Stool

Material: Wood

People: Tonga

Country: Zimbabwe

Description: Old traditional Tonga stools were
used only by men, the women were not allowed
to sit on the stools. During community trials,
men would carry their stool to a chief’s court for
sitting. Now, these utilitarian objects are not just
viewed as traditional or collectable pieces of African
furniture, but as contemporary, decorative furniture
items! With its short height and sturdy structure,
these stools force you to sit with your feet firmly on
the ground with your knees closer to your chest,
allowing your back to straighten and decompress.
Take our word for it and try it yourself! Tonga stools
are very comfortable!

Dimensions: 13" height x 12" diameter

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