"Spirit of Change" by Stewart Chapenga - Sold

Title: "Spirit of Change"

Material: Serpentine

Artist: Stewart Chapenga

Country: Zimbabwe

Dimensions: approx. 41" height x 17" width x 7" depth

Weight: unk

Description: Born in Guruve in Northern Zimbabwe, Sewart began sculpting as a
result of contact with a rural community of sculptors where he learned the basic
techniques. In 1997 he started to assist the talented sculptor Tavengwa Chapenga
who was his greatest inspiration and helped him to develop his own style in sculpting.

Stewart is inspired by the mystery of daily life and he is a good obsever of human
emotions and movements. His sculptures are mostly abstract in nature, but the
topics are universal and appeal to people all over the world. His sculptures can be
found in exhibitions and private collections in Germany, Holland, Australia, Canada
and the U.S.

Included is a custom-built, permanent metal stand.
Stand dimensions: 1/2" height x 14" width x 8" depth
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