"San" Bushman Bag B, South Africa - Sold

Dimensions: 24" high by 12" wide by 1" deep
Title: Carrying Bag
Material: Skin of Springbok, Duiker, or Steenbok with beads of Ostrich Eggshell
People: San Bushman
Country: South Africa and Botswana
Region: Kalahari Desert
Description: These bags are used by the San bushman people when they are out gathering food like roots and nuts. They are made from the skin of hunted animals like the Springbok, Duiker, or Steenbok. The San bushman males hunt animals with hand-made bows and arrows, which carry poisoned tips from the secretion of a native snail. The San bushman are known throughout Africa, and more specifically the Kalahari Desert, as master trackers.

These bags, used when out in the bush hunting, gathering, or tracking, are often decorated with beads from ostrich eggshells or with colored glass beads.
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