"Respected Elder" by Witness Bonjisi- SOLD

Title: ‘Respected Elder’

Material: Springstone

Artist: Witness Bonjisi

Country: Zimbabwe

Dimensions: 26 3/4” height x 7 1/2” width x 5 1/2” depth

Weight: 39.2lbs

Witness was born in 1975, and is the second
born in a family of seven. He started sculpting
in 1992 with the late Nicholas Mukomberanwa
& then with his elder brother Lameck Bonjisi.
In 1997 he started sculpting his own pieces,
creating very contemporary sculpture. He bases
the subject matter on his intuitive sense using the
shape of the stone as his guide. He taught work-
shops in America & Switzerland. His works can
be found in galleries & private collections all
over the world.
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