Posted Bone & Copper Earrings (3)
Posted Bone & Copper Earrings (3)
Posted Bone & Copper Earrings (3) 1
Posted Bone & Copper Earrings (3) 2
Posted Bone & Copper Earrings (3) 3

Posted Bone & Copper Earrings (3)

Title: Bone Earrings from a baby sling Material: Incised Bone Pendants, Sterling Silver, Copper People: Shipibo-Conibo and Campa People Country: Peru Description: These one-of-a-kind ethnic earrings incorporate a unique piece of Peruvian culture, bones from a baby carrier. Woven baby carriers were adorned at the bottom with incised bone pieces. The textiles and bone pieces featured distinct patterns known as knee or queen designs. A shaman, through the use of the hallucinogenic herbs would access cosmic vision to obtain the designs from the heavenly world and then transmit them to the women who incorporate those designs into their cultural objects such as fabrics or pottery. The designs imbues power and protection to the home, individuals and the community. The designs represent the paths of life, roads, meanders of the rivers, and cosmic serpents from their ancestors. Dimensions: 3" height x 1/2" width x 1/4" depth
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