Thimba (Back-skirt) - Ndebele People, South Africa (#3352)

Thimba (Back-skirt) - Ndebele People, South Africa (#3352)

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Material: Goatskin, grass and beads

Description: The Ndebele are one of the most colorful people in all of Africa. They adorn themselves with intricate beaded clothing and adornments including the 'thimba,' or back-skirt.
Worn by young Ndbele women, the thimba is made of goatskin and is traditionally decorated in colorful beaded patterns. Usually, the top of the skirt is rolled over strong stuffing and is beaded. Horizontal beaded panels are generally attached across the top, and, especially in older examples like this, a band of small metal (brass) beads is also attached called in NKOSI. Use a brass may symbolize wealth. The
back-skirt would have been worn around the waist, suspended from a beaded grass-cored hoop and was traditionally worn as an indicator of the woman being of an marriageable age.

An item of our collection, this skirt predates the 1950's.

Dimensions: 21" height x 27 1/2" width x 1/2" depth
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