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Thimba (Back-skirt) - Ndebele People, South Africa (#3351)


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Title: Thimba (Back-skirt)

Material: Goatskin, grass and beads

People: Ndebele

Country: South Africa

Description: The Ndebele are one of the most colorful people
in all of Africa. They adorn themselves with intricate beaded
clothing and adornments including the 'thimba,' or back-skirt.
Worn by young Ndbele women, the thimba is made of goatskin
and is traditionally decorated in colorful beaded patterns. The
back-skirt would have been worn around the waist, suspended
from a beaded grass-cored hoop and was traditionally worn as
an indicator of the woman being of an marriageable age.

An item of our collection, this skirt predates the 1950's.

Dimensions: 23" height x 26" width x 1/2" depth

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