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Tchitcheri Figure - Moba People, Ghana and Togo

Price: $2,800.00

Title: Tchitcheri Figure

Material: Wood

People: Moba

Country: Ghana and Togo

Description: In advising individuals, families, or clans, Moba
diviners prescribe tchitcheri figures to fortify their clients and
improve their lives. Such works increase the efficacy of the
ritual actions performed at shrines by calling forth positive
ancestral influences. They are protective and promote health
and prosperity on a range of different levels. When a particular
problem disrupted an individual's life, diviners often recommended
the addition of a figurative work to that person's private altar.
Similarly, problems of broader concern, such as diseased livestock,
poor harvests, or infertility, often led diviners to prescribe that a
larger work be commissioned for a family shrine.

Figure dimensions: 37" height x 8" width
Stand dimensions: 9" x 9"
Figure with stand dimensions: 38 3/4" height x 9" width x 10" depth

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