"Loving Couple" by Ennica Mukomberanwa -Sold

Title: ‘Loving Couple’

Material: Opalstone

Artist: Ennica Mukomberanwa

Country: Zimbabwe

Dimensions: 18 3/4'' height x 8'' width x 9 1/2'' depth

Weight: 71.4lbs

Ennica is the youngest daughter of the world renowned
sculptor Nicholas Mukomberanwa.
She has been sculpting from a young age being taught by
her father, and in 2004 she won the prize for Woman Artist
of the Year, which took her to Stockholm, Copenhagen,
Scotland and Canada. One of her pieces also won her
the esteemed award of Best Sculptor on show at the National
Gallery of Art in Zimbabwe in 2005. Her pieces of art talk to
people everywhere with their kind and direct message.
She has the distinctive Mukomberanwa style, in her own
personal way.
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