Kuba Hat ( Laket )
Kuba Hat ( Laket )
Kuba Hat ( Laket )
Kuba Hat ( Laket )

Kuba Hat ( Laket ) "B" - D.R.Congo

Title: Kuba Hat (Laket)
Material: Raffia, cotton, cowrie shells & glass beads
People: Kuba People
Country: D.R. Congo

After a period of seclusion and instruction in the forest initiation camp, the initiates are presented to the community in festive dances as adult members of society. On these occasions they wear long woven raffia skirts, and the small conical hat (laket) designates their newly achieved adult status. For special occasions the wearing of the laket is still imperative. The cap is worn on the crown of the head and is held in place with a metal hat pin. Made from cowrie shells and raffia and beads.

Dimensions: 6"high, 6"diameter 14" high including stand

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