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Divination Mask - Kumu or Komo people, D.R. Congo

Price: $2,800.00

Title: Divination Mask

Material: Wood and pigment

People: Kumu and Komo

Country: D.R. Congo (Southeast part of Kisangani)

Description: ‘Kumu masks are amongst the most important objects
in their culture. They are used by the Nkunda society of sorcerers
who call upon the primordial ancestors for purposes of social control.
Taking hallucinogens was part of these ceremonies and during the
ensuing trance information was revealed. This served the Kumu as
one of the major methods of divination.’
- David Stiffler, Anthropologist

Includes a custom-built metal stand.

Mask dimensions: 10" height x 7 1/4" width x 5" depth
Stand dimensions: 12 1/4" height x 6 width x 5" depth
Mask on stand dimensions: 15" height x 7 1/4" width x 5" depth

Ex. Jean Pierre Hallet Collection

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