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Door - Igbo People, Nigeria, West Africa (#5)

Price: $2,500.00

Title: Door

Material: Wood

People: Igbo

Country: Nigeria, West Africa

Description: The intricately carved doors from the Igbo
people of south eastern Nigeria, are carved of a sacred
hardwood, iroko, and served as entrance portals to an
obi, the male meeting house. Iroko wood is associated
with power & certain mysteries. The tree spirit is ritually
placated before felling.The large planks were extremely
difficult to make. The door shows complex patterns and
generations of weathering.

Included is a custom-built metal stand.

Door dimensions: 54" height x 18" width x 1" depth
Stand dimensions: 24 5/8" with x 10" depth
Door on stand dimensions: 56 1/2" height x 24 5/8" with x 10" depth

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