Fang Drawer Pulls ©
Fang Drawer Pulls ©
Fang Drawer Pulls © 1
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Fang Drawer Pulls ©

Title: Drawer Pull
Material: Solid pewter
Description: Designed by and made excusively for Africa and Beyond, these drawer pulls make for an excellent accent piece in any home. Not only can they spruce up a drawer or cabinet with modern African design, but can be used as a tool to hang jewelry or other items from. This specific drawer pull is inspired by Fang mask from Gabon. Used by the ëNGILí society, which acted as a ěpoliceî power to ensure the adherence of the community to the law and to re- establish social order. The elegantly shaped design of eyebrows and nose, gracefully articulate the face. Many 20th century modern artists were greatly influenced by the shape and design of these elongated masks. The Ngil could travel from village to village without danger because its role as a peace-keeper was recognized. They combatted evil practices and settled disputes between clans and rivals.

Dimensions: 2" High x 1" depth x 1.5" width

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