"Contented" by Nesbert Mukomberanwa

Title: "Contented"

Material: Springstone

People: Shona

Country: Zimbabwe

Description: Nesbert Mukomberanwa was born in 1969 in Buhera, in Masvingo
province of Zimbabwe. In 1987, Nesbert began to study sculpture under the
tutelage of his uncle Nicholas Mukomberanwa. Nicholas is one of the most famous
and internationally respected artists of the 'Shona sculpture' movement and was a
most prestigious teacher. By 1989, Nesbert felt ready to begin working alone. He left
his apprenticeship and established his own workshop at home in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe.
There, he worked for nearly a decade developing a distinctive style and gaining inter-
national recognition. In 1998, Nesbert relocated to the village of Dema, south of
Chitungwiza. In the tranquillity of the bush, he is finally free to concentrate fully on his art.

Nesbert has created the 'Village Gallery', where promising young sculptors train in his
workshop and pieces are displayed in the gallery and gardens. Being a strong believer in
helping other talented artists to prominence, Nesbert also shows works by selected
Chitungwiza-based artists in his gallery. Recent group exhibitions include: Reece Galleries
(USA) with Henry Munyaradzi and Nicholas Mukomberanwa amongst others (2005) "Form
versus Content", Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre, Windhoek, Namibia (2004) Group exhibi-
tion and solo workshop in Memphis, TN, USA.

Dimensions: 9" height x 14" width x 10" depth
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