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Berber Dowry Necklace - Western Sahara

Price: $3,800.00

Title: Dowry Necklace

Material: Moroccan vegetable amber, Mauritanian shells, North-western
African coins and other glass beads and tribal silver

People: Berber

Country: Western Sahara

Description: Acquired from Musee de Bijoux Nawahi in Marrakech,
some of the pieces are estimated to be from the late
1800ís to early 1900ís with a number of the pieces
dating back to the 1950ís-1960ís. The beads woven
throughout are a mixture of antique, vintage and more
recent beads. The beads were collected over a number
of years by family members, and when it was time for
a wedding, they would sell the necklace to generate
money for the wedding. The necklace is in its original
state and has not been redone. This fine piece would
make an excellent addition for a serious collector or

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