Beaded Maasai Neck Collar Ornament Set - Kenya

Beaded Maasai Neck Collar Ornament Set - Kenya

Description: Like all of our ornaments, these small
handmade beaded miniature neck collars are specially
created as as a part of a Fair Trade initiative. Fair
Trade means that artisans are paid a fair
price in advance for their crafts and work in a safe
environment. It provides the framework for
empowering the disadvantaged of the world to
make a fair living and provide for themselves
and their families.
These silver, white and gold beaded ornaments are
miniature versions of a neck collar traditionally worn
by Maasai Women. Sold in SETS OF 3.

Dimensions: 2 3/4" diameter

Due to the hand-made quality, no two ornaments are alike.
The exact size or shape will vary from the one depicted here.
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