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'Toguna' House Post - Bambara People, Mali (#PC2)

Price: $6,800.00

Title: Support Post - 'Toguna'

Material: Wood

People: Bambara (Bamana)

Country: Mali

Description: Similar wood support posts were used by the
Dogon & Mossi people for their meeting houses. A Toguna
is a structure with a low ceiling where the men meet to
debate issues & discuss politics. Debates often became
animated. Anyone who rose to their feet in excitement or
in anger, would hit their head on the low roof and would
quickly return to a state of calm.

Dimensions: 91" height x 11" - 13" width x 11" depth

Provenance: Ex Private Collection. Collected about 50 years ago by a Belgian living in the D.R. Congo.

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