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Shaman Monkey Staff, Shona people, Zimbabwe

Price: $695.00

Comes with stand, 31"h x 1.5"w x 2"d Purchased directly from a Shona diviner, or n'anga.
Traditional healers and diviners - called N’angas, use wooden staffs, especially during spirit possession.
It was said that a Mhondoro (a powerful spirit) once pointed a wooden rod at the Zambezi river, parting the waters,
thus allowing people to cross. An unmistakable similarity to Moses and the Israelites, suggesting a Christian
missionary influence. The monkey represents one of the many totemic animals among the Shona people.
A totem originates from one individual (the ancestor) & is passed on to the descendants of that individual.
Totems are often used to praise a person for their good deeds, or to seek the favor from someone who is of a higher position.
An animal is chosen because of certain admirable characteristics.

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