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Sachihongo mask - Mbunda People - Zambia/Angola - SOLD


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TITLE: Sachihongo mask
MATERIAL:Wood, fibers and pigment.

PEOPLE: Mbunda

COUNTRY: Zambia/Angola

DESCRIPTION: Sachihongo is a royal male ancestor & the largest of Mbunda
masks. Unlike many other makishi or mask characters, which
number more than twenty and are common to the Lovale,
Chowke and other related tribes, sachihongo is found only
amongst the Mbunda. It has been described as the incarnation
of a powerful hunter, a diviner and a womanizer. It is symbolic
of maleness, power, fertility and wealth. The crown of feather
that would have been attached to the mask is an indication of
its chiefly character and its supernatural abilities.

Dimensions: 11" height x 10.5" width; 20" in Height including metal stand.

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