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Divination Instrument - ‘Kashekesheke’

Price: $1,250.00

Title: Divination Instrument - ‘Kashekesheke’
Material: Wood
People: Luba
Country: D.R. Congo
Description: This divination instrument was used in informal divination ceremonies for the everyday person, usually performed in the streets or markets. The diviner and the client (who seeks communication and guidance with their spirits to remedy an ailment, either physical or emotional) each hold one ‘arm’ of the divination instrument. The word ‘Kashekesheke’ references the ‘swishing’ sounds as the diviner and client move the instrument together. A literal translation of ‘Kashekesheke’ also means, ‘To Vomit the Truth.’ Luba folklore and proverb speak of this divination ceremony describing it as such, ‘There is no liar in Kash- ekesheke divination, because you are holding the instru- ment, and so am I.’ The diviner holds medicinal herbs in their other hand as this divination instrument is used, all in the hopes of accessing their client's familial spirits for healing purposes.
4.5"h x 1 3/8"w (2 1/8" stand depth, Height of stand 5 3/8")

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