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'Lawle' Gong Tapper/Beater - Baule people, Ivory Coast

Price: $265.00

Title: 'Lawle' Gong Tapper/Beater

Material: Wood

People: Baule

Country: Ivory Coast

Description: Elaborate gong beaters called "Lawle"are sculpted
with images of humans, animals, masks & geometric designs &
are used by Komien, professional spirit mediums who perform
divinations. After rigorous training that can take several years to
complete, a medium is conditioned to enter a trance to the steady
beating of the small iron gong. The diviner usually enters the
trance indoors, before he or she proceeds to the public space
where the consultation is to be held. During the session which may
last several hours, the medium holds the gong & lawle, striking it if
the trance begins to wear off. While possessed, the medium speaks
with the voices of various nature spirits. Cures prescribed by Komien
are often remarkably effective in combating both physical and
psychological ills.

Included is a custom-built metal stand.

Tapper dimensions: 16 1/2" height x 7/8" width x 1 1/2" depth
Stand dimension: 17 1/2" height x 2" width x 2" depth
Tapper on stand dimensions: 17 1/2" height x 2" width x 2" depth

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