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'Tekabawt' Bag (#4) - Tuareg People, Niger


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Title: 'Tekabawt' Bag (#4)

Material: Hand-embossed leather and pigment

People: Tuareg

Country: Niger

Description: Women smiths known as Tinadan make
elaborately decorated bags such as this to hold teapots,
glasses, sugar and the like. They cut, stamp, fringe,
embroider, and assemble the leather bags. Tea is central
to social life amongst the Tuareg. While the women do
the cook-ing, the tea preparation and serving is left to
the men. The mint tea, also known as ‘gunpowder tea’,
is poured into glasses from high above in order to swirl
loose tea leaves to the bottom of the glass, whilst gently
aerating the tea to improve its flavor.

Dimensions (including the leather fringe): 22" height x 6" diameter

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