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Pinstripe Spiral Telephone Cable Wire Basket - Zulu, South Africa - Sold

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Title: Telephone Cable Wire Basket

Material: Telephone Cable

People: Zulu

Country: South Africa

Description: With advancements in telecommunications, a new
type of multi-colored, plastic-coated copper wire, often referred
to as telephone wire, came into being. Beginning in the late 1960's,
Zulu night watchmen started weaving scraps of this wire around
their traditional sticks. This new material was also applied to
making 'izimbenge' - beer pot covers - that had been traditionally
made from grass and palm. Today, there is wide variety in the
creative use of this wire, and, in post-Apartheid South Africa, Zulu
craft artists are imbuing old forms with the colorful contemporary
material of telecommunications. The result is a vibrant, distinctive
new folk form gaining international attention. Keep the basket away
from heat & sun.

Dimensions: 4" height x 1/4" width x 15" diameter x 8" base

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