Secrecy - African Art that Conceals and Reveals

Secrecy - African Art that Conceals and Reveals

253 pages, 12" x 9", Author : Mary H. Nooter, Susan Vogel, Allen F. Roberts, Suzanne Preston Blier and others.86 Catlogue items, mostly in color, + dozens of field and supporting photos in color and b/w.

It explores how art both structures and selectively disseminates secret knowkledge in Africa. The book makes two main points : first, art is intimately related to knowledge in Africa, being fundamental to processes of teaching and revelation that confer status and disclose information, meanings and symbols; and second, secrets are often essential to the making, ownership, use and interpretation of art. The essays in the book - by 13 Africanist scholars who explore relationships among art, secrecy, knowledge and power in African societies.

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