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Ebony Wood and Batik Bone Servers - Kenya


Price: $32.00

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Title: Servers

Material: Ebony wood and batik bone

Country: Kenya

Description: These ebony wood servers were
intricately hand-carved by an artisan(s) out
of Kenya as a part of a Fair Trade initiative.
Fair trade means that artisans are paid a fair
price in advance for their crafts and work in a safe
environment. It provides the framework for
empowering the disadvantaged of the world to
make a fair living and provide for themselves
and their families.
The handles of these unique and durable utensils
are made from cow bone which has been patterned
using a special batik process. The bone is hand-
carved, dyed and polished. The beautifully grained
wood is olive wood.

Dimensions: Approx. 12" length

Due to the hand-made quality, not a single two
are alike. The servers vary from the natural
wood design and coloring depicted here.

We recommend washing in warm water and
towel drying.

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