"Remembering Africa" By: Robert Vavra - Includes a Signed Bookplate by the Author - Sold

Africa seems timeless and immutable, but this is an illusion. It continues to change and decay. Remembering Africa is an account of those changes and of the effect that Africa had on many of its eyewitnesses, some of whom happen to be writers. For the past 16 years, Robert Vavra has been working on this book, and in that time ten of the distinguished people he photographed and interviewed have died and have become part of Africa's past - its quiet dust. The passage of time has made Remembering Africa like a buried treasure he has disinterred. To have Wilfred Thesiger introducing it is as if the great man were speaking from beyond the grave. But Vavra is the treasure seeker and the historian. No one else I know has the access, the inner knowledge, the long history and friends. This rare man has sat with Thesiger listening to sounds of the African night and in his youth was even 'captured' and taken 'prisoner' by Hemingway
--From the preface by Paul Theroux

NOTE: All copies include a signed bookplate by Robert Vavra.

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