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Patience - by Boet Nyariri - Sold

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Title: "Patience"
Material: Springstone, (Zimbabwean Black Granite)
Dimensions: 20" height x 3.5" width x 13.5" depth
Artist: Famed Shona Sculptor, Boet Nyariri
Country: Zimbabwe (Southern Africa)
Sculpted in Springstone by Boet Nyariri, one of the hottest artists in
Zimbabwe today. Boet was the winner of the fiercely contested sculpture
category of the prestigious National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA) in 2012
and 2010, which are awarded by Zimbabwe's National Arts Council and
are like the Oscars for Zimbabwe. Well-deserved national recognition from
Zimbabwe's arts elite for one of the brightest stars in a new generation of talent.
Boet was born in 1977 in the rural area of Mhondoro in Zimbabwe. His
mother is from the Tonga tribe and his father is Sena. When Boet was at
secondary school, he went to live with his grandfather and it was then
that he met sculptor Tinashe Makaza and began sculpting with him.
Stone sculpture became a part of him and this passion has never left him.
His delicate and intricately detailed sculptures, combined with original and
intriguing subject matter, make him the finest representational sculptor in
Zimbabwe. Boet's work is fresh and dramatic. It takes a huge amount of
skill to create such detailed and delicate pieces from very hard stone.
He now has over a decade of sculpting experience. Boet has worked with
and been inspired by some of the biggest names of the younger generation
of Zimbabwean artists, including Dominic Benhura and Ignatius Zhuwakiyi.
Boet was an Artist in Residence at the prestigious Chapungu Sculpture
Park in Harare from 1997 to 2004. His work was shown at the DED Guest
House/German Embassy workshops, at which he was awarded with tools
and equipment. His work is also shown by galleries across the world,
including USA, Netherlands, United Kingdom and South Korea.

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