Maasai Gourd - Kenya ( 0058)
Maasai Gourd - Kenya ( 0058)
Maasai Gourd - Kenya ( 0058) 1

Maasai Gourd - Kenya ( 0058)

"I hope your cows are well." This is the greeting a Maasai gives to his friend when they meet along the path of the Savannah. The Maasai are completely dependent upon their cattle for they receive their daily nourishment from them - both milk and blood from their cows. Mixed together, these two elements from the traditional drink of the Maasai: the "Saroi"

Calabashes for collecting and storing milk and honey beer are made from grounds, which are cut from their vines, dried, scooped out inside, and decorated with beads, coteries and a leather strap.

Dimensions: 25.5" H x 6.5"W x 6" D Dimensions with custom stand: 26" H x 6.5"W x 6" D

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