DINKA: Legendary Cattle Keepers of the African Sudan - Sold

DINKA: Legendary Cattle Keepers of the African Sudan - Sold

DINKA: Legendary Cattle Keepers of the African Sudan
Text and Photography by Angela Fisher and Carol Beckwith
Angela Fisher and Carol Beckwith have devoted their lives to photographing the rapidly vanishing way of life of the indigenous peoples of Africa. Their photographs have been published in a series of acclaimed books as well as major magazine features in Time, Life, Vogue, Marie Claire and Elle, as well as exhibiting and lecturing at prestigious venues such as the Smithsonian Institute and London's Royal Geographical Society. Turning their lenses to the great pastoralists of the Sudan, they present a story that gives readers a chance to walk alongside these "gentle giants"--the regal Dinka cattlemen. The Dinka's devotion to their cattle is legendary. Given a cow at puberty, a Dinka boy will take his cow's name and care for the creature its entire life, training its horns into their curved shape that they mimic in standing pose, even reciting poetry in the cow's honor. In over 130 stunning photographs and narrative, Fisher and Beckwith have documented the strength and beauty of this deeply spiritual connection between man and beast. NOTE: This book comes with SIGNED bookplates with both signatures!

October 14, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. Angela Fisher and Carol Beckwith were in our gallery signing books. Only books purchased from Africa and Beyond will be able to be signed at the event. On the following evening, October 15, they gave a lecture about their exciting travels. What a time it was! We did the whole event as a fund raiser to raise money for the local Sudanese Lost Boys Foundation, and had about 20 of them in the gallery, which helped put "a face to the name". Traditional Dinka food and African wine were served, and we were also treated to traditional Dinka dances. A really good time was had by all!

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